March 17, 2018

Floral Tips for DIY Brides

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Yay!!! You’re going to do your own wedding flowers. Or have your bridal party add it into their duties. It’s all so exciting. All the Pinterest boards full of beautiful, lush flowers to transform your wedding venue into a dream. Some brides take on the flower game and realize very quickly they were not prepared. Flowers are the championship round and you have to be ready for them. As a floral designer, I’m going to share 3 tips to help you get there. After all, why waste your time and money, if the flowers aren’t the crowning glory of your wedding.

Tip #1:

Get a stem count for any arrangement you are trying to create. Many DIY brides look a picture of flowers and just order some flowers. They do not have a stem count of how many of each stem you need to create that look or fullness. Or they order too much greenery and not enough flowers and the arrangements look off balance and nothing like your Pinterest dreams. Take the picture of the bouquet you love, and literally count the number of flowers in the arrangement. This will help you learn that even the simplest looking bouquets, usually have a more stems than you think. Let’s make those centerpieces look full and really bring that table to life!!


Tip #2:

Go simple on bridesmaids bouquet and prioritize your bridal bouquet. We love our bridal party and we love that they wanna share our day with us. If you’re on a budget, creating smaller, simpler bridesmaids bouquets can really help keep your budget in place. Bouquets can be harder to make and why push yourself to create 7 full bouquets. Their bouquets will get photographed a lot less than yours, so keep it simple. You’d be surprised how great 3 Hydrangeas look tied together. Your bridal bouquet is the belle of the ball. She will get her picture taken than more than any other flowers there. Take you time with her, watch some videos and really create something beautiful. Also remember, floral designers can create a bridal bouquet for you only. I have a lot of DIY brides use this option.    

Tip #3:

Take into account how your flowers will photograph. Pinterest can be a gift and a curse at the same time. Looking at those amazing weddings and even more amazing flowers. Remember most of those images are from professionals and they know how to make everything look great. A great tip to have your flowers look great in your pictures, is to use colors that blend.If you’re colors are coral and white with gold accents and you create an arrangement that is only coral and white, in pictures they will look like polka-dotish. You would have created no depth or sophistication with them. For coral and white, you can use coral, peach, blush, yellow, ivory or white. These colors all blend together and your eyes will easily transition from one to the next because they blend well together. This how those arrangements look so great and really add to your overall wedding decor.  


I hope this has helped you. I love working with flowers but they deserve respect and you need to know how to handle them. Using these tips, your DIY arrangements will look amazing and hopefully like you paid a ton for them. Remember flowers take a lot of time, so plan for that. And if all else fails, call me and I can help. This is what I do...

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